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nss shopping guide: fashion water bottle

Non only 24Bottles, but also Prada and Supreme

nss shopping guide: fashion water bottle Non only 24Bottles, but also Prada and Supreme

In these days of Fashion Week, we have seen influencers and fashion enthusiasts wearing a coordinated accessory to the looks: the recyclable aluminum water bottles. With the increase in consciousness concerning the environmental problems linked to ocean pollution, the market for recyclable bottles has become enormous, for a turnover of 10 billion euros in recent years. The success of recyclable bottles has led this item to be considered a true status symbol and not even its aesthetic component can be left to chance. After the first models, the main companies such as S'Well (100 million dollars in sales), Chilly's, Hydroflask or BKR have started to make ever-changing color variants, customizations and collaborations, as in the case of 24Bottles, which has worked with brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Emilio Pucci, Woolrich and Timberland. From Julia Roberts to Jonah Hill, but also Gisele Bündchen, Emily Ratajkovski and Shia Labeouf, all were photographed with their aluminum bottles. 

Not having a water bottle in the university or office could become one of the biggest public troubles, identifying you as natural enemies of Greta Thunberg or at least unaware of the 150 million tons of plastic in the oceans. The fact that it has many fashion brands have chosen to focus on this product has definitely cleared the image of an ugly object and is only suitable for outdoor activities, so here are 10 tips to show off in Fashion Week, or just to feel less guilty.v



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And Wander

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Evian x Virgil Abloh x Soma Glass 

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BONUS - Louis Vuitton

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