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The European fashion map

Eurofashion - A Lyst's study reveals the fashion tastes of 47 European countries

The European fashion map Eurofashion - A Lyst's study reveals the fashion tastes of 47 European countries

In the past few months, Lyst has launched its Index section, which publishes quarterly reports on the fashion researches carried out by 5 million users in over 12,000 boutiques and online. Now the leading search engine in the fashion world presents Eurofashion, a study that through an interactive map gives an overview of the fashion tastes of 47 countries, analyzing over 50 million searches
Once the trends have been identified, the geographic map shows the main differences between the different states, highlighting how the most sought product in Europe is the Off-White Industrial Belt, followed by the Yeezy Boost 350 V2. Sneakers are the most desired item, as well as Gucci earns the first global place among the brands. Browsing the map it is possible to have a clearer and more detailed view of this report, with differences, curiosities, and comparisons with other countries. The most sought after items are those of High Fashion, while sportswear brands such as Nike and adidas are the favorites in some countries such as France and Portugal. 

Clicking on the different countries it's possible to extrapolate other significant values such as the average expense, which shows that usually, women tend to spend more than men, except for Italy, where the trend is the other way around. In Italy, men spend an average of $307 over six months, while women spend $226. Monaco leads this ranking, with women spending an average of $900. 

Eurofashion also shows which countries benefit most from the sales: in Greece and Portugal, 50% of the products on sale are purchased, in Italy 22%, while Sweden, Norway, France, and Germany are at the bottom of the list with less than 20% of purchases. 

"The first edition of the Eurofashion report reveals a new face of Europe. It's interesting to see how nations with the most deeply rooted fashion tradition prefer contemporary brands and move towards new boundaries, breaking the classic idea of ​​fashion" said Francesco Girone, Lyst Head of Marketing and Communications in Italy.