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How to use the first Supreme mobile phone

Where to buy the item announced in the FW19 lookbook

How to use the first Supreme mobile phone Where to buy the item announced in the FW19 lookbook

We know that in Supreme's collections there are not only sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans and caps, but also a series of accessories of all kinds. No exception is the lookbook for the FW19 season, which also offers the brand's first phone among its products. More specifically, it's a "Burner Phone", one of those phones that we're used to having in the hands of criminals in TV series like Better Call SaulThe Wire or Breaking Bad (Maybe Supreme was inspired by the upcoming sequel El Camino?). 

Made in collaboration with BLU, a U.S. company specializing in low-budget phones, the object is a hypebeast reissue of their Zoey 2.4. Far from the most technological smartphones, its features are: 2.4-inch color display, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity, camera, FM radio and MP3 player integrated, 1000 mAh battery, which keeps the full charge for about an hour.

For BLU, the collaboration is a long-held dream that has finally come true, as CEO Sammy Ohev-Zion tells us:

“We had tried in vain for a long time to reach out to Supreme to pitch collab ideas…It became apparent that you can’t reach out to Supreme, Supreme reaches out to you.”

The businessman also emphasizes the many advantages of a "burner phone", in addition to the economic price, provides a secret number, is practical, secure, not interceptable and is perfect for those who have privacy needs. It is an increasingly popular item, as demonstrated by the more than 30 million mobile phones sold in the last three years by BLU. Not only among criminals, spies or TV series characters, but also among Gen Z teenagers who use them to hide their activities and secrets from their parents.
The Supreme/BLU Burner Phone is available in both black and red and is sold exclusively by hypercool brands both online and in the Supreme offices in the United States, Europe and Japan at a price between $55 and $75 USD that could multiply with the resell. As many have suggested, the product could be sold out in minutes, so the smartest are thinking of buying a Standard Zoey 2.4 on Amazon and sticking a sticker with the Supreme box logo on it.
For Supreme super fans we recommend, among other interesting accessories of the FW19 lookbook, a voodoo doll, a motorcycle in collaboration with Honda, lighters, gym weights in gold or silver and even a pyrex dispenser for the kitchen.