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The top 10 fashion prospects in Milan

All students awarded at the Teatro Dal Verme

The top 10 fashion prospects in Milan
All students awarded at the Teatro Dal Verme
The top 10 fashion prospects in Milan All students awarded at the Teatro Dal Verme

We showed you the images from the backstage of the Marangoni Playlist fashion show, the year-end competition in which the best projects of the most prestigious fashion school in Milan are presented. The live performance of Chadia Rodriguez accompanied the 60 looks created by the 10 finalists, divided into 3 Menswear and 7 Womenswear proposals. The clothes took inspiration from the concepts of functionalism, from the typical costumes of Southern Italy and Japan, but also from Futurist literature and the figure of the early 20th-century Italian bohemian artists.

A party in which the efforts and the breath of freshness of the new creatives are rewarded, a way to revive fashion in an act of avant-garde and pure experimentation.

The international DNA of the Marangoni Institute, which today has offices spread all over the world (Milan, Florence, Paris, London, Shanghai, Shenzen, Mumbai and Miami), is also confirmed on the last show, in which have challenged students from Italy, China, Japan, Russia and Brazil.

Let's take a look at the faces of the 10 finalists, including the concept fashion and the color contrasts of Pietro Fadda, awarded as the Best Designer of the Year. 

My collection is inspired by the artistic avant-gardes of the 70s. Fashion must be multifunctional and versatile. Dressing is not a passive act but a sharing of ideas.

Natural fibers are still the strongest weapon for achieving a quality collection, working with knitwear in an era where streetwear dominates the trend is very inspiring.

Globalization has led creatives to be ever braver, a quality that new creatives must have toinspire positive changes.

I love the crazy and extraordinary talent of John Galliano, I like the idea of revisiting his style in relation to the symbols of the Chinese tradition.

In a future 3.0 man could change physicality, so my collection wants to be a leap within a fashion that is still unexplored, far from our understanding.

I see too much speed in the fashion industry, all this is putting the memories and traditions into second place, in the clothes I wanted to recover the value of manual skill.

As students, we must take as an example those designers who have not been influenced by trends. Always creating new worlds, my model is Ann Demeulemesteer.

From Russia, I came to study in Milan because here everything takes on greater power, the sensuality of women is my greatest source of inspiration.

You can't break out of sportswear yet, it's a territory that is still unexplored and technical materials can still give so many opportunities to designers.

I think that changing style in every collection can be a way for designers to immerse in the art without limits, far from rules or a single kind of beauty.