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The most searched for sneakers in Italy region by region

From the Lyst's last 6 months data

The most searched for sneakers in Italy region by region
From the Lyst's last 6 months data
The most searched for sneakers in Italy region by region From the Lyst's last 6 months data

In Italy, the sneakers phenomenon is everywhere.
Thousands of sneakerheads or who's simply passionate are constantly looking for the latest release or the rarest sneaker. The resell market has expanded even more the phenomenon turning it into something never seen before. 

Lyst - a kind of fashion-only Google - has finally landed in Italy from October 2018, after the great success in the US. nss magazine has exclusively obtained the search traffic data of the most searched sneakers in Italy, divided by region. What this research shows is that in Italy sneakers are the absolute most researched items, both from men and from women.
Two are the dominating brands: Balenciaga (with the Triple S) in 4 regions and Nike with different models in 7 regions

The most searched for on Lyst divided by model: 


Trentino-Alto Adige
Friuli Venezia-Giulia

Balenciaga Triple S

Retail price: 795€  Reselle Price: 1200€


Valentino Sneakers

Retail price: 520€/850€



Alexander McQueen

Retail price: 520



Nike Air Vapormax

Retail price: 212€  



adidas NMD

Retail price: 120€ 



Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

Retail price: 180€/325



Nike Air Max 97

Retail price: 139€  Resell Price: 200€



Vans Old Skool

Retail price: 75



Nike Air Force 1

Retail price: 101€/121€



Nike Air Jordan

Retail price: 151€  Resell Price: 220€/800€


Valle d'Aosta 

Converse Comme de Garçons

Retail price: 135€ 


Here you can have a look at the research carried out in Italy divided into regions: 

Piemonte: Valentino Sneaker

Valle d'Aosta: Converse Comme des Garçons

Lombardia: Alexander Mcqueen

Trentino-Alto Adige: Balenciaga Triple S

Veneto: Balenciaga Triple S

Friuli-Venezia Giulia: Balenciaga Triple S

Liguria: Nike Air Vapormax

Emilia-Romagna: Adidas NMD

Toscana: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

Umbria: Valentino Sneakers

Marche: Nike Air Max 97

Lazio: Nike Air Vapormax

Abruzzo: Nike Air Force 1

Molise: Vans Old Skool

Campania: Nike Air Max 97

Puglia: Balenciaga Triple S

Basilicata: Adidas NMD

Calabria: Vans Old Skool

Sicilia: Nike Air Vapormax

Sardegna: Nike Air Jordan 


The most searched sneakers on Lyst divided into model: 

1. Balenciaga Triple S (4 regions: Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli Venezia-Giulia)

2. Nike Air Vapormax (3 regions: Liguria, Lazio, Sicilia)

3. Adidas NMD (2 regions: Emilia-Romagna, Basilicata)

4. Nike Air Max 97 (2 regions: Marche, Campania)

5. Vans Old Skool (2 regions: Molise, Calabria)

6. Valentino Sneakers (2 regions: Piemonte, Umbria)

7. Nike Air Jordan (1 region: Sardegna)

8. Nike Air Force 1 (1 region: Abruzzo)

9. Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (1 region: Toscana)


10. Alexander Mcqueen (1 region: Lombardia)

11. Converse Comme des Garçons (1 region: Valle d'Aosta)