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An exclusive look at the Patta x C.P. Company Capsule Collection

Taking deep inspiration from the Massimo Osti archive

An exclusive look at the Patta x C.P. Company Capsule Collection  Taking deep inspiration from the Massimo Osti archive

We were waiting for it and it's finally arrived.
The collaboration between Patta and C.P. Company will be released on April 6th.
A Capsule Collection for Spring / Summer 2019 that combines C.P. Company, garment dyeing and the great experience of working with technical fabrics, with Patta's continuous exploration of streetwear culture.

It all started in Paris in 2018 when there was a first meeting between the guys from Patta and the leaders of the brand founded by Massimo Osti. Patta designers were fascinated by the history and roots of the Italian brand, and decided to visit the Osti archive in Bologna, where we had the lucky to go and have a chat with Lorenzo Osti, son of Massimo and current President of CP Company.

The Capsule Collection is inspired by the city of Amsterdam and functionality fabrics that can withstand all weather conditions because this collection is aimed at what we could call the "new athletes". Citizens of large urban cities who often face miles to move from home to work in any possible weather conditions and who need to protect themselves, as they often spend more than 15 hours outside their homes.

What came out of the encounter of these two realities was a unique design process, characterized by respect for the background of both parties: a real collaboration between two partners who speak the same language and who look at the world with the same eyes . Throughout the process, we were all looking for something new that would enrich both existing entities and existing accessories. Functionality was essential for both Patta and C.P. Company and can be found in all items in the collection. The function follows the form, was the mantra of Massimo Osti and which clearly takes shape in this capsule collection.

These are the words of Paul Harvey, designer of C.P. Company:

“For a brand with such a long and consistently strong history as that of C.P. Company, it’s always an exciting challenge to find ways to stay in touch with new generations. One of the most concrete and inspiring ways of finding that connection is through collaborations with brands and creatives that share our values but express them in different manners. Patta team had such amazing respect for C.P. Company’s story and shared our desire to reinterpret that story for this new generation.”

Harvey again:

“The street culture is so tied into sportswear, and I think C.P. Company can lay a very credible claim to be the father of all sportswear,” says Harvey about C.P. Company’s place in the current zeitgeist. “But the way vintage and contemporary sportswear is now mixed into streetwear, driven by a new generation of influencers, hashtags, resellers, and vintage online retailers, adds yet another layer of interpretation. And working together with Patta can only help us in this interpretation.”

The collaboration C.P. Company x Patta for the SS019 will be available in stores and online on and BEAMS T from April 6th 2019. In addition to the capsule collection, Patta and C.P. Company have also created a magazine of which we have preview images - in addition to showing you first the still life of the items of the collaboration - in which we further explore the collaboration and the ideas that led to the realization of this project.