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In how many seconds do Supreme items sell out?

We're talking about record times

In how many seconds do Supreme items sell out? We're talking about record times

If there is a common thread that ideally unites all those who try to buy Supreme items online, it's definitely the moment where you see what you wished was yours disappearing in a few seconds before your eyes.
For the past 4/5 years the most sought-after items have sold out in just a few seconds and the massive use of bots or other "tricks" means that those who try to "buy by hand" often find themselves with a handful of flies.
We have decided to give you an overview of the last two years on the online sellout times of Supreme items in Europe and in the US, always keeping in mind that the data are influenced by the use of bots or similar programs.

The concept of drop "invented" basically by Supreme - we cannot speak of a real invention but of a necessity that has become customary - has now been adopted by all the most important brands in the world (Louis Vuitton, BALENCIAGA, for example). Palace and BAPE have sellout times similar to the New York brand, but the peaks reached by Supreme are unattainable especially if we consider the drops where iconic garments like box logo are released - tee or hoodie makes no difference - or accessories of a certain type (the Dresden handmade ceramic statuette of the last drop left in 8 seconds in the US with a price that came close to 4000 euros). Clearly, many of them manage, in a "legitimate" way or not to get their hands on very hyped items, they do it exclusively to be able to earn on it thanks to reselling prices that have become out of proportion.


These are the timing of sellout - also calculating the processing times of the order - which found out the site of the 7/12/2017 drop in the EU while in the United States, for this specific drop, it was not possible to calculate the times given the delays in processing orders.

The ones you see here, on the other hand, are the times of the first Spring / Summer 2018 drop (2/22/2018) in the EU. In this specific case, the drop on mobile was released within the established time (at 12.00) while on the fixed devices Supreme dropped later due to the massive influx of visitors. In the US even the site crashed several times and the timing was evidently affected by the problem.


Here compared to the drop (on the left the one in Europe and on the right the one in the US) of 05/10/2018. We took it into consideration to underline how even collaborations that at first sight do not attract the attention of many - here the collaboration with Fox Racing - go out very quickly both in the old and in the new continent. Considering that motocross is not a sport so practised as to justify such a "hunger", it is evident that, both in the old and in the new continent, the hype has won by destroying any kind of utility of the item or the object on sale.


In the last two images, we have instead chosen to compare the last drop (on the left EU, on the right US) of 3/14/2019, that of the last collabo with Stone Island. The timing is practically the same but the chosen items first change: in Europe, the Wolf Fleece Jacket was preferred to the collabo except for Stone's Camo Cargo Vest while in the US the first seven items sold out are all collaborative with the Italian brand.



We choose to close with two accessories that sold out very despite their retail price. The first is the white Fender Stratocaster with the logo in plain sight dropped on 12/14/2017 while the second is just the cupid figurine in Meissen porcelain wearing a tee box logo of the last drop. The Fender went away at 2000 euros (1.998 to be exact) and in the United States it sold out in 8.4 seconds while the cupid took almost 30 seconds but its price was almost 4000 euros. These two accessories are the prime example for which one buys Supreme, to resell.
The Fender resell price has reached 4000 euros, that of Cupid has exceeded even to 6000 and it is clear that the hype that revolves around certain items/accessories is pure speculation, nothing more. Let's accept it and at the next drop, we'll try to buy what we like. Good luck to all.