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Streetwear according to New Era

The new 'Since 1920' line draws inspiration from the brand's rich heritage to shape its future

Streetwear according to New Era The new 'Since 1920' line draws inspiration from the brand's rich heritage to shape its future

Sports and street. These are the two core elements of today's fashion. Items that we would only normally have worn on a football field or at the gym, are now part of our everyday life rotations. 

The forerunner of this trend was definitely a brand founded in Buffalo (USA). 
New Era embodies the combination of sports and lifestyle, with its most iconic item: the cap, that starting from baseball has now reached the catwalks around the world. 
The story begins a long time ago, precisely in 1920, when Ehrhardt Koch established New Era to manufacture the cap for the baseball team Cleveland Indians, becoming in just a few years the first producer of on-field baseball caps for the entire Major League. With the arrival of the new millennium, New Era also expanded into the worlds of basketball and football, turning into the first ever headwear company to have exclusive rights for MLB, NFL, and the NBA simultaneously.

Along with all of this, New Era gave life to a clothing line, that especially in the first years was designed with the working class in mind, using utilitarian and labor resistant fabrics. More than anything else, it is the cap that is the most recognizable item of the brand, its real signature creation, and it is also the first cult object that from baseball, football and basketball scenes has moved onto the streets, joining the streetwear aesthetic. The New Era cap is the essential and absolute accessory of the hip-hop world and has now become a street style classic. 

For Spring 2019 New Era looks back at its past to shape its future
The items featured in the Since 1920 collection are the contemporary reiteration of classic elements: the use of a blue striped pattern on thick twill cotton coming from a Japanese blend, vintage graphics inspired by the golden age of advertisement and worn out stitching to add a timeless touch. The collection consists of tops, track pants and T-shirts decorated with the deconstructed New Era writing. Other items are characterized by a camouflage print portraying rain, refined graphic details, nylon, and water-resistant inserts. The caps naturally couldn't be missing from the collection. Getting back to the roots of the brand, the caps boast contrasting trims, a flexible 9TWENTY, and the new stretch snapback model 9FIFTY. 

To represent the latest New Era collection, four personalities embodying the current streetwear aesthetic, four Milanese cool kids portraying the items of the American brand according to their own tastes and vision. Alex Shorty went for a relaxed but still cool look, Francesca Colucci opted for popping bright colors, while Ilaria Bigg and Luca Santeramo turned the New Era creations into new streetwear classics thanks to strong and modern outfits. 

The whole collection is now available in-store and at