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Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Store opening today in Milan

Dedicated to the Virgil Abloh designed SS19 collection

Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Store opening today in Milan Dedicated to the Virgil Abloh designed SS19 collection

The most anticipated fashion drop in recent memory is without a doubt the release of Virgil Abloh’s inaugural collection for Louis Vuitton. The steps along the way have all been a sensational stir of hype and curiosity, from Virgil announcing his appointment as creative director in the spring of last year for the legendary French fashion house, to the runway presentation this summer in Paris, which in and of itself was a spectacle, to us finally having a chance just before the years end to preview, and as importantly, feel the incredible craft the lays behind bringing these creations to life at Louis Vuitton. Now the time has finally come that so many of you have been waiting for, the Virgil Abloh collection is releasing today in Milan, starting with an especially built Pop-Up store, in Rinascente by Piazza del Duomo. 

The colors will take centre stage at the new concept store alongside the presented collection, which is propagated inside giving life to a kaleidoscopic palette that starts from white through to the polychromatic and forms a holographic arch created to represent dreams, with the rainbow colors paying homage to the “The Wizard of Oz" film which is among the central themes in Virgil’s Spring Summer 2019 collection.

The walls inside are covered by iridescent tones and the new Rainbow Monogram, converging towards a print inspired by the imaginary world of Dorothy, creating the illusion of being immersed in a thick forest of evergreens, flowering with ruby-red poppies. On the soft carpet floor, decorated with a brick print, the Golden path leads the visitor directly to the center of the shop. Here a new rug created specifically for this concept, in materials and colors that differ from one another, were created with the features and postures of the real-life models that took part in the Virgil Abloh fashion show during the summer.

Customers will find the entire Men's collection on offer, including clothing, bags, accessories, small leather goods, and footwear. What might seem like a celebration of white is in actual fact a study of how light strikes a prism, refracting the rainbow colors on the bellowed sleeve jackets, the multicolored sweatshirts, and the workwear style accessories.

Happening tonight by invite only and then open daily to the public, the Virgil Abloh designed Louis Vuitton is finally releasing in Milan at Rinascente, by Piazza del Duomo.