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The best of the latest edition of Bread&&Butter by Zalando

From the PUMA drum machine to the 2NDDAY mechanical bull

 The best of the latest edition of Bread&&Butter by Zalando   From the PUMA drum machine to the 2NDDAY mechanical bull

Last weekend the eyes of the biggest fashion, sneakers and street culture lovers were all focused on Berlin, or rather, on the most talked about event in the last few weeks: Bread&&Butter 2018. Now in its third edition this small empire of see now, buy now has brought us into an adrenaline experience under the banner of fashion avant-gardism and constant renewal. 

Experiencing Bread&&Butter by Zalando was like traveling around the world in three days, discovering how geographically distant countries have the same passion for culture, music and fashion and how each one, armed with initiative and inventiveness, manages to capture the attention of different audiences through an approach that is always new and never taken for granted. Keywords: creativity, personality and curiosity.

nss discovered the latest Bread&&Butter by Zalando with the nss magazine sneakers editor Ilaria BiggLuca Santeramo and the italian singer Roshelle. Here's what you have to know:





Do you know what it means to be overwhelmed by the most hype and interesting things of our days? At every corner of the two huge pavilions of Bread&&Butter by Zalando there were some of the most important brands protagonists of today's fashion, a great event able to involve guests at 100% through activities, workshops and breathtaking displays. The experience continued moving to the outside with relax areas, garden space and food points where to discover local realities and unexpected collaborations like the one between Diesel and Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap (best moment: eating the sandwich in the middle of a beach set up at external area).



#Stand Experience

These small realities gathered in the two pavilions aimed at the contact between the brand and the consumer through a direct approach between those who work with the brand and those who know and admire it only through campaigns, social networks or shops. Thanks to B&&B buyers have created a real connection with their favorite labels, becoming directly involved in the creation of products and activities such as custum or design. From Vans and its exhibition of some of the most beautiful vintage models, to Converse, from the design of a One Star to the nail experience.

Instead, to reach the PUMA interactive area, guests had to cross a corridor that, when passing, lit up by playing the drum machine. And then shopping, shopping and even more shopping, online and off-line, because if travelling around Berlin with hundreds of bags was not in your plans, DHL offered you its live shipping service directly at home or to the office.



#Tips by B&&B

The attention to detail, the irony and the inventiveness with which the activities and products were proposed to the public was what made this experience unique. Among the initiatives we have to mention the Voguing show, the beauty rountine at the MAC Cosmetic stand, the magical vegan donuts with lemon and poppy seeds from Brammibal's or the absurd (and tasty) ravioli Kimchi Kardashian.




- The 2NDDAY mechanical bull;

- Breakfast with... Reebok;

- Selfie with the adidas' motocycle costumed as a Falcon snaker (Bound 2 style as Kanye West);

- Attending the performance of Jaden Smith, special guest of G-Star RAW, after discussing the new dynamics of the brand, ready for a more green and eco-sustainable fashion approach;

- Talk by Gully Guy Leo, Uglyworldwide & Emily Oberg;

- Talk by adidas Originals with Danish singer MØ.




The success of B&&B is not limited to the three days in Berlin: Zalando has indeed opened a section of its online shop dedicated to the leading brands of B&&B, where it will be possible to live once again last weekend's experience and buy exclusive items that were the protagonists of the event. Ready to shop?