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To discover: Emanuele D'Angelo, the photographer and designer of LIVINCOOL

From Roman streetstyle to shoot Emily Ratajkowski and Travis Scott in LA

To discover: Emanuele D'Angelo, the photographer and designer of LIVINCOOL From Roman streetstyle to shoot Emily Ratajkowski and Travis Scott in LA

We introduce you Emanuele D'Angelo, Roma-based photographer, streetwear lover, and creator the brand of LIVINCOOL. Founded in 2008, the brand's identity mixes the basic elements of street culture with an undeniable hot touch, with the right amount of sexiness. The supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski could not help but show off some of her creations on her Instagram, now it's up to you to discover how this photographer managed to change her life and from street style shots to editorials, shooting with a star like Rihanna, Big Sean or Bella Hadid and emrata in Inamorata Swim.


#1 Hi Emanuele, you are a photographer and a streetwear lover. Tell us more a bit more...

I am originally from Rome, Italy. I started a lifestyle website/blog about fashion, music and art with two friends of mine from Rome back in 2008. In 2009 I moved to London where I started photographing people at Fashion weeks just to create content for my website. As soon as magazines/brands started to hire me it allowed me to travel and meet more people in the industry. That’s how I basically started. I stopped shooting fashion weeks around 4 years ago where I focused more on capturing more editorial/portraits images. I moved to LA at the end of 2015 where I am
still based now.

#2 Therefore from the photography was born LIVINCOOL and from the site has created the merch. What were your expectations? Why turn the project and move towards the "risky" fashion world?

I launched the livincool merch on December 1st, 2017. I didn’t have many expectations to be honest. All I know is that brands hire me to shoot certain people/celebrities I am friend with so I thought why don’t I start something myself? The result has been quite incredible I have to say. I am not starting a fashion brand in a conventional way. So I never thought it was “risky” for me. 

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#3 You work with big names of the music and fashion world but who are you still waiting to see with the LIVINCOOL crop-hoodie?

Someone who I would love to see wearing my hoodie is Michelle Obama. A strong woman that inspires a lot of women and she is very impactful in the society. I know is not really her style but maybe she will wear it once she travels or works out. 
In 2019 I want to do a trip to Africa and donate 500 shirts to kids there. Or in Brazil...
Somewhere where they actually need clothes.  

#4 You are widening your line including the bikinis. How would you describe this capsule?

Bikinis is something I am doing for the summer. I am not doing a bikini line. It’s just something related to the merch. Something fun and sexy that you can wear by a pool or by the beach. Or you can wear it as a top with a denim jacket at night.

#5 The merch was a big change and an important step, so (we have to ask you) what will be next?

Next step is starting to collaborate with different brands for special collabs. Stay tuned... 

#6 CURIOSITY: a comment about @emrata in total look LIVINCOOL.

The sexiest girl in the world wearing your brand. Not bad right? I think it comments itself. 

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