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Interview with Heiko Desens - Creative Director for PUMA Sportstyle

Some curiosities about the new PUMA RS-0 and the collaboration with SEGA

Interview with Heiko Desens - Creative Director for PUMA Sportstyle Some curiosities about the new PUMA RS-0 and the collaboration with SEGA

Innovation, a renewed silhouette and refined details make the new RS-0 sneakerPUMA's must have for this season. The inspiration comes directly from the 80s arcade, psychedelic and hypnotic videogames that left a sign on entire generations, which are combined with pop colors and translucent details for a modern effect, able to appeal everyone.

A project that saw the partnership of SEGA, for a collaboration that looks to the future without ever giving up the strong roots of the past.

We had a chat with the Creative Director of PUMA Sportstyle, Heiko Desens. He told us about the new product and the inspirations behind it...

#1 Where does the idea of ​​mixing an 80s silhouette with new technologies come from? And then why choose a running? Do you believe that the key of success is back to the past?

I don’t think that the key of success necessarily is looking back to the past, more looking into the DNA of PUMA (and our collab partner) and get inspired by outstanding things we have done and in this case it comes from the past, the 80s. The mixing is a result of having those cool 80s ingredients from the past but re-designed for a nowadays consumer with very different needs. Running silhouettes such as our RS-0 expresses the lifestyle of our consumer very well. Sneakers need to be transitional these days, from day to night and street to the gym.


#2 When tasked with designing a re-iteration of an existing sneaker, please give us insight into how you go about, do you have any dogmas you work by?

The key of ‘reappropriating’ designs would be in understanding the total look of the specific target consumer or the different consumers out there.

We always ask ourselves how can a specific sneaker be styled, pants, length and silhouette etc. Does it work with the current trend of clothing.


#3 Why do you think the today's generation is so fascinated by vintage while they are living in the world of "innovation and new technologies"?

I guess vintage product have undergone a longer lifecycle and therefore are charged differently, they evoke a nostalgic feeling and we all know that emotion creates interest. It seems like in the time of constant connectivity and high tech gadgets or clothing, vintage products and even re-introduced designs  like our RS 100 …RS 350 create a nice balance in the lifestyle of younger generations.


#4 How did the inspiration and involvement of video games and SEGA happen?

PUMA have partnered with influential and creative brands that push culture forward through innovation in design, style, technology, and more, each telling their own story of reinvention. One of the pillars we focused on to “reinvent” is gaming and of course SEGA is the leading brand in the gaming world.

This partnership came at a time when both brands are experiencing a resurgence. PUMA is launching this the new RS-0 shoe, which is a reboot of the classic 80’s Running System (RS) line.

For SEGA it underlines their continued efforts to align key franchises within the SEGA portfolio with high-end and highly visible brands from the worlds of fashion, lifestyle and art.

#5 Do you have a personal favorite detail of the new designs? 

The translucent rubber heel piece looks cool and futuristic even being a detail more literally inspired by the original RS-350. Also the ‘anime’ style of color blocking looks fresh and mixes classic sports color in a fun way.