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Sunnei debuts with womenswear

Debuting June 17th, during MFW SS19

Sunnei debuts with womenswear Debuting June 17th, during MFW SS19

Since 2014, Sunnei has become one of the most influential and appreciated names in Italian and international fashion, as confirmed by a constantly growing turnover.

Now its two founders, Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo, are ready for a new challenge. The couple has, in fact, announced their debut in the womenswear with a video teaser published on Instagram that portrays a girl in the middle of the iconic Milanese Piazza Duomo, wearing a white tee with the definition of the word "woman".

Rizzo has revealed to that the definitive push for the next adventure was given by the market

"since about 30% of the people who buy our models with e-commerce are women, let's think of a single, big collection, in the name of a 100% Sunnei taste" Simone Rizzo

and then confirm that the ironic and playful Sunnei style will be clearly perceived even in women's clothing, made in Italy and complemented by accessories such as bags and shoes.

The next project? Probably becoming a lifestyle brand:

"Now we identify ourselves with fashion" - says Rizzo - "but it is not excluded that in the future we can try furniture or the world of music".

The new women's collection will debut on June 17th during the MFW SS19 and will only be available in select stores around the world between November and December.