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Sunnei is inviting Lessico Familiare to Milan Fashion Week

The brand will present the new collection at Palazzina Sunnei

Sunnei is inviting Lessico Familiare to Milan Fashion Week The brand will present the new collection at Palazzina Sunnei

A brand that manages to attract attention every Fashion Week with its unconventional shows, this Saturday Sunnei will offer the colleagues from Lessico Familiare a space to showcase the new collection during a dinner full of surprises. The brand, founded by Riccardo Scaburri, Alberto Petillo, and Alice Curti, participated in the Paris Fashion Week SS24 last summer, and now it can return to the runway thanks to the collaboration with Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo, creative directors of Sunnei. The brand was only born in 2020 but quickly achieved success due to the raw and intimate approach of the designers, who immersed themselves in the project finding inspiration among the material they had at home. Today, Lessico Familiare is recognized in the Milanese fashion scene for its nostalgic imagery and the unusual narrative communicated to the public, a result of the designers' commitment to stand out from the norm.

The new collection presented during this Milan Fashion Week by Lessico Familiare is called Literally Me and explores the style of past icons such as Nina Simone, Cindy Sherman, Lady Diana, Joan Didion, Natalia Ginzburg - the author of the book that inspired the brand's name, Lessico Famigliare - and current ones, including Florence Welch, Sofia Coppola, and Gwyneth Paltrow. A celebration of history inspired by literature, pop culture, cinema, and music, the collection adopts the markedly ironic tone of the brand, revealing its sentimental side between the nostalgia of the past and the obsession with celebrities. The lineup of the new show, as Scaburri told WWD, follows the footsteps of an outfit the designers noticed while watching Bling Ring (2013). With the support of Sunnei, the new Lessico Familiare show will undoubtedly leave its mark. The collaboration between Sunnei and Lessico Familiare shows how independent Italian brands are learning to support each other to face the challenges of the industry, including the costs of participating in Fashion Week and the efforts required for event organization. By offering Palazzina Sunnei to the three designers, Messina and Risso not only bring a constructive partnership to life but also contribute to increasing the participation of independent fashion in Fashion Week, a project that complements the various initiatives launched by Sunnei to support emerging companies.