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The Italian resellers and the hype market

An useful overview to don't fill up your house of sneakers

The Italian resellers and the hype market  An useful overview to don't fill up your house of sneakers

If you don’t live in a cavern in the middle of nowhere you have for sure noticed that now the streetwear is having a success without precedents and the sneakers culture is reaching everyone.

Italy is absolutely not out of the game and always more people, driven by the hype, are interested in this phenomena.

One of the crucial incentives of its success is the scarcity and the exclusivity aspect. Limited releases with a production that absolutely can’t satisfy the demand is the strategy that are making several brands so popular and are generating worldwide relevant revenues.

The resell phenomena started in the US and in Japan, where the streetwear and the sneakers culture is rooted, and involve a bigger number of enthusiasts.

Analyzing the Italian resell scene and comparing it with the most profitable American one, we can say that we are only at the beginning. The sector need years of growth and development. The Italian demand is way far to create the need of consolidated realities that can reach the turnovers of American resell stores, as Flight Club and Stadium Goods.

Although the embryonal phase, the phenomenon has to be considered and different investors are starting to pay attention to it. In the last few years various stores and online platforms that sell Supreme pieces and limited sneakers were born across Italy to satisfy the desire of exclusive streetwear, without waiting in line for ours, of rich customers. Few examples are Pizza Hype (Rome) - here the interview -, Street Pharmachy (Rome), Hype Hunting (Bari), Plug 41 (Naples) and Big Soup (Rome).

It’s easy to understand that with the modern technologies and the presence of consumers used to buy online, the resell phenomena evolve mostly through the web with a young target.

Another consolidated way that made grow this business worldwide is the creation of special dedicated events where people can sell, buy or trade rare garments and sneakers. In Italy, Kickit Market represent an interesting example of how this business is growing and is involving always more people.

The Italian scene is alive and is growing, and is building an always more concrete italian streetwear culture.

Be aware that be a reseller is not easy, the timing and the knowledge of the market are pivotal aspects, expecially if you don't want to fill up your house of shoes, without selling no-one of them.