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Diet Prada "unmasks" Off-White

It's call the "police" of cultural appropriation and copying

 Diet Prada unmasks Off-White It's call the police of cultural appropriation and copying

They call it the "police" of cultural appropriation and copying.

Its merciless comparisons shake even the most prestigious brands.

Diet Prada, Instagram profile managed by Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler, has over 346 thousand followers curious to know who took too much inspiration or has clearly plagiarized someone else's work.

From Versace to Gucci, especially in the era of Alessandro Michele, from Vetements to Calvin Klein no one is spared.

The last post? It is a sort of "best of" the possible copies among the 2018 menswear collections.

The protagonist of the comparisons is Off-White, presumed guilty of having created a two-tone deconstructed jacket also presented by Prada; a transparent plastic trench coat with splashes of color reminiscent of Calvin Klein; a long dark vest and a coat decorated with abstract motifs that shout "Raf Simons"; a dark blue electric-k-way pants outfit too Balenciaga.

Un post condiviso da Diet Prada (@diet_prada) in data:


The question remains the same: who copied who?

What is the boundary between copy, homage and cultural appropriation?

The game is fun, but until it expires in the fake politically correct.