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The Tommy Hilfiger's adrenaline SS18 collection

A tribute to speed

The Tommy Hilfiger's adrenaline SS18 collection  A tribute to speed

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and press the accelerator. Run without fear and with all the adrenaline you have in your body. Go!

The combined show presented by Tommy Hilfiger during the last day of Milan Fashion Week is a tribute to speed, when the blood runs at full throttle in the veins and you finally feel alive: TommyNow Drive.

The catwalk was set up to host a car race, but yesterday there were some of the most popular models of our time, from Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Winnie Harlow, Lucky Blue Smith, to the brand's muse, the splendid and radiant Gigi Hadid that, also for this last SS18 collection, has collaborated with the designer to create some garments.

A quick and scenographic succession of sexy and innovative items, a celebration of striped and checkered motifs, accompanied by the desire to emphasize the seams, put them in evidence almost with the intention of presenting like a print on the look. The constant link with those that are the classic Hilfiger colors testifies a world that is running, that changes, but always remains itself, despite everything. Blue, white and red echo in the SS18 collection with strength and emphasized even more by the materials chosen for the garments: from leather to denim to that play of transparency favored by the skirts worn by the Hadid sisters at the end of the show.

An event that is detached from the classic fashion shows, but that focuses on the impact, on impressing its audience, leave it speechless. How? 3 elements: colors, shapes and speed.