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We talked with Guillaume 'Gee' Schmidt about Patta's latest collaboration

A tribute to the club scene and street culture created with Converse and Deviation

We talked with Guillaume 'Gee' Schmidt about Patta's latest collaboration A tribute to the club scene and street culture created with Converse and Deviation

It was 2004 when Guillaume 'Gee' Schmidt and Edson Sabajo, more for passion than for profit, open the doors of Patta right in the heart of Amsterdam and start a real exciting revolution in the Dutch streetwear scene as it was conceived until that moment.

In a very short time, Patta consecrates itself as a cornerstone and a reference point both for the street fashion and the music scene, thanks to the deep connection of its founders with the Dutch hip-hop scene.
Over ten years later, the influence and cultural importance of Patta has only strengthened and connected more and more with the realities around it, coming to realize collaborations with several prominent brands both in the footwear and in the apparel.

We had the opportunity to get in touch with one of its founders, Guillaume 'Gee' Schmidt, on the occasion of Converse x Patta x Deviation collaboration, a collection that explores the evolution of street style and club culture.

Here's what he told us. 

#1 Let’s start from the beginning: what moved you to create Patta and which is its connection with counterculture?

We created it basically out of necessity and we formed it into something we could build on and from with our friends and like-minded spirits. The simple fact that we are still here doing what we like and doing it how we do it, is the essence. We are not from the outside looking, we from the inside… going all out and making sure we do it together with our people.


#2 Which are your main references when it comes to creating?

We take a lot of inspiration from our surroundings, travels, relationships and living, basically. A curious mind goes a long way.


#3 Your latest collaboration, Converse x Patta x Deviation, has just been announced: how did this collaboration come into being? How has it been to collaborate with Deviation and Converse?

We have a long relationship with the people behind Deviation. We know each other for quite some time now. We have a lot of similarities as far as references and how we approach what we are doing. It was a very organic process. Converse was the perfect canvas as we both (Patta and Deviation) love and respect the brand and Converse really trusted our vision.


#4 Talking about the Converse x Patta x Deviation collection, both Patta and Deviation represent a standpoint in European street style and club culture scenes: how are your respective cultures celebrated and represented in this collection? How does this collection explore and represent the evolution of both street style and club culture?

I and Vincent (Van de Waal, Patta’s creative director) worked closely with Jude (Judah from Deviation) on this collection. He has a very keen eye for fabrics and overall exquisite taste. Jude came with a lot of direction...In terms of silhouettes we just wanted to make something that we could see both Jude and Benji (Benji B from Deviation) wear and obviously, we always make what we like ourselves. We kept it close to ourselves and tried to reflect on our friends. From Amsterdam to London, basically worldwide.
The evolution is now, lines are getting blurry, barriers are getting pushed over, doors are getting kicked in, no more need for boxes I hope it transcends style in general and it speaks to a lot of music.


#5 You’ve already collaborated with Converse various times over the last decade but never for a creative interpretation of the Chuck 70, is this a model you feel a special connection with?

We have worked on Chucks before but this was before they reintroduced the Chuck Taylor 70's, with this project it was perfect as these are big-time favorites from Benji and Jude. It is also featured a pair of Converse One Star, which I love. Somehow they are siblings and they both breathe effortlessness... the One Star is the slightly chunkier brother, they are family but different.


#6 Casentino wool is a typical Italian fabric, why choosing it as hero element of the collection?

Ha, the Casentino wool that's really all Jude. He has experience with his work with fabrics ...he got the answer to that. I knew the fabric but had no clue about its history, you learn something every day!


#7 Which is your favorite piece of the Converse x Patta x Deviation collection?

The trench coat, the perfect embodiment of this far as footwear the One Star definitely.


#8 Who is the Converse x Patta x Deviation collection for?

For everybody, but mostly for Jude, Benji, The Deviation team, and its supporters...What a great achievement having such a long-running club night that has been pushing the boundaries from its inception till this day...This should be celebrated in every way possible. Thank you all!


The Converse x Patta x Deviation collection will be available from December 21st at selected dealers and on Converse's official website.
Converse x Patta x Deviation lifestyle images courtesy of Converse.