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We talked with Cali Thornhill DeWitt about his capsule collection with Converse and Slam Jam

'Your Silence Gets You Nothing' by Converse x Slam Jam x Cali Thornhill DeWitt

We talked with Cali Thornhill DeWitt about his capsule collection with Converse and Slam Jam 'Your Silence Gets You Nothing' by Converse x Slam Jam x Cali Thornhill DeWitt

Cali Thornhill DeWitt, a renowned visual artist best known for his collaboration with Kanye West for The Life of Pablo's merch, has always fused in his works the power of images and the expressive force of words, a distinctive trait that doesn't lack not even in his latest work for Converse Your Silence Gets You Nothing realized with the Italian streetwear landmark Slam Jam, with which he reinterprets the latest Urban Utility Collection by Converse - premium clothing and footwear inspired by modular and convertible systems characterized by the strong presence of the GORE TEX. 

It's just from the Converse Urban Utility Collection that Your Silence Gets You Nothing borns: a cross-season capsule collection of seventeen items where the importance of freedom of expression meets fashion utilitarianism through the famous punk writings of Cali DeWitt, translated in English, Farsi, Italian, Korean, French, Russian and Hebrew, matched and almost in contrast to the aesthetics of the Urban Utility collection. The main purpose is to enhance the different levels of layering starting from classic Converse Essential jersey tees, thermic t-shirts, and hoodies, to the Men's GORE-TEX Utility Jacket - characterized by its three-layer waterproof nylon GORE-TEX breathable seam seams that provide protection to wearers. Key element is the iconic Converse Chuck '70.

We met Cali at Slam Jam flagship store in Milan for the exclusive in-store presentation of Your Silence Gets You Nothing capsule collection.


#1 Let's talk to us about this collaboration: what move you to collaborate with Converse?

I was contacted to collaborate on this capsule and I've already worked with Slam Jam for some artwork and I love working with them. Also, it can be said that I grew up wearing Converse, my bond with this brand is lifelong. The Chuck Taylor '70s are a classic of Converse and I think, actually, now that you make me think, I'm absolutely sure that I've worn them for all the 80s.
They are my favorite, they are timeless.

#2 What was the best part of this collaboration? Is there a garment you prefer?

Well, the ease of communication with all the people involved was certainly the best part of this collaboration. It's great to work with people you understand and with whom it's easy to get along, who are honest and know what they want. My favorites garments are the black jacket and the purple shirt that is double-face so can be worn in both verses... so if it's dirty on a side you can still wear it (laughs).

#3 How utilitarianism, art and fashion blend in this collection? In your opinion, how important is this fusion for contemporary fashion and its customers?

As far as I'm concerned, I like the idea of exploiting the opportunity to create something whose meaning goes beyond simple graphics, which means something more to people who wear it and for this capsule I liked the idea of offering something that was more reflective. The underlying concept of everything is that people should speak more openly about what they want, talk about what they think, what bothers them and what doesn't. Too many people live by chance, they do not get or experience what they truly want because of this and Your Silence Gets You Nothing means this: communicate!

Fashion, utilitarianism, and art to me it’s kind all the same thing, but it depends on how someone approaches it, on how it is perceived. For me, something of "quality" is a combination of these three things: to be wearing something special, something in which someone has incorporated a concept, an artistic point of view, a functional element ... and utilitarianism is this. It's always wearable, rough, garments that will last forever. It necessarily "mustn't" be important for contemporary fashion, but I like the idea of a garment I can wear wherever I go, whatever happens, and no matter what.


Your Silence Gets You Nothing by Converse x Slam Jam x Cali Thornhill DeWitt and Converse Urban Utility Outerwear will be available from November 28th exclusively in Italy at Slam Jam and globally from December 5th at selected retailers and on Converse.