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Supreme Italia landed on Privalia

La strategia del brand legal fake, per stravolgere la concezione comune di replica.

Supreme Italia landed on Privalia La strategia del brand legal fake, per stravolgere la concezione comune di replica.

For those who may not know, Privalia is one of the biggest online outlet in the world.

The company counts more than 24 million of active subscribers, being a leader in the field in many countries that include Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil. Supreme Italia has somehow managed to rise its reputation to the point that such a big company have interest in dealing with them. Legal fakes have now been on the shelves of regular stores right next to original brands for a while now, and this actually started to normalize this borderline phenomenon to the public eye.
Yet being sold on such a huge online outlet retailer it's something completely unprecedented. 

This means that legal fakes, like Supreme Italia, have made another step forward in order to gain some sort of "moral" legitimacy. The group of entrepreneurs who invented this "legal fake" has a precise strategy. They do not aim to just have a huge distribution, trying to progressively deal with bigger and more international retail realities, they also want to work on their "brand reputation", pointing on two different goals:

# 1 the confusion, that is to be mistaken for the original by the least educated audience, thanks to a good positioning;

 # 2 the strong desire to create a true mindset behind the conscious purchase of a fake legal product, or to impose the product as a real alternative to the original - often less expensive or more readily available.

These companies used to recruit a huge number of influencers paid to sponsor their products but now he target is now the conscious customer. The company aims to change people outlook on buying fakes and completely cancel the guilt of a customer aware of buying fakes.


Positioning and marketing strategies are helpful to open the way because when we all think about fake products and replicas, we imagine something that tries to hide its real nature, something that has no promotion by subverting the marketing of fake products and the concept of fake itself.


That is what made them so successful.

It is also to admit that revelry Supreme New York (the real one) is living its era of major brand awareness. The brand audience grew exponentially and the result is that most of the newcomers don't have a real connection with the brand, they just want a logo to show-off, encouraging the fake market and leading many people every day to buy replicas or legal fakes consciously - without talking about the absurds reselling prices of the real item online.

Legal fake companies like Supreme Italia started to consider all these factors in order to set their strategies.  When the whole phenomenon of legal fakes first came out, Supreme fans, streetwear magazine editors and online streetwear communities thought that the keys to dismantling that newborn market could be culture and correct information. Sadly those appear to be insufficient to even affect the growth of this shameful business. That because the situation is worse than anyone could think and most of the demand for legal fakes is turning out to be made of conscious people that started to consider ok to buy fakes.
Just to have that logo on their shirt, just to feel part of something they will never belong to.