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All the revolutions happening right now inside Vogue UK

So many layoffs that someone coined the term "V-rexit"

All the revolutions happening right now inside Vogue UK So many layoffs that someone coined the term V-rexit

The news of the day?

Edward Enninful, the new director of Vogue hired Grace Coddington, former creative director of American Vogue, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Steve McQueen as a contributor to the magazine.

A wind or, more to say, a tornado of renewal is overwhelming the Vogue family.

New directors arrive, others go, increasing the number of layoffs ever so that someone has coined for the occasion the “Vrexit” story, a crash between “Vogue” and “exit”.

Out the posh girls, and elegant women in high places that have dominated for decades the magazine, replaced by a new, young team and, above all, more at ease with the world of social media. Perfect Example of this project is Teen Vogue recently directed the thirty Elaine Welteroth that the last two years has added to regular features of beauty and fashion, pages about politics and current affairs, being a hit.

The biggest revolution is, however, the one that is invading British Vogue, at the center of interest even for a revealing interview of former fashion director Lucinda Chambers.

Discover with nss the most salient points of the new course of Vogue UK.

#1 King Edward

A couple of months ago Edward Enninful was named new editor-in-chief. 45-year-old, Ghanese, who grew up in West London, became fashion director just over the age of 18 in the i-D magazine has the clear ideas: hunt down all the old fashioned and replace it with friends and colleagues who are affectionate, influencers educated and strongly connected with contemporaneity.


#2 Vrexit

Said goodbye to magazine: Alexandra Shulman, editor of Vogue British edition for 25 years (rumors say that behind her removal there is the fearsome Anna Wintour); columnist Fiona Golfar; Frances Bentley, Executive Director for 24 years; the deputy director of the magazine Emily Sheffield and the former fashion director, Lucinda Chambers.


#3 New Blood

The new hires of Enninful, friends and Hollywood fashion intellectuals: his first purchase Venetia Scott, stylist and photographer with over 40,000 followers on Instagram; Grace Coddington, the legendary creative director of American Vogue who abdicated her throne last year after 30 years; Queen Kate aka Kate Moss; Naomi Campbell and Steve McQueen, director of 12 Years a Slave. The last three will have the role of contributing editors.



Chambers vs Vogue

Enninful crashed her after thirty-six years of British Vogue, twenty-five past as fashion director, and she did not like the news. So she released an interview telling her truth. The highlights:

  1. has stopped reading his Vogue for many years, since it has become an anonymous showcase for brands and their advertising;
  2. fashion has sold the soul to finance - may Renzo Rosso be the devil?;
  3. failure is not an acceptable option;
  4. most stylists are taken because they are beautiful and well dressed and not for their skill;
  5. never see their failures, the important thing is to dazzle to have a wonderful and enviable life on Instagram;
  6. will aspirational magazines still exist?


What do you think? May the new editor of Vogue Italy Emanuele Farneti be as ruthless and revolutionary as much as Enninful?

Friday, July 7th when the magazine created by him will be published in we will know.