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The iconic Harrington Jacket, also known as the Baracuta G9, is proudly celebrating the 85th anniversary of its creation. Born in Manchester, this jacket has a fascinating history intertwined with fashion, culture and society. Originally conceived by brothers John and Isaac Miller in 1937 as a product to protect against the constant rain of Rainy City and the textile activities of Cottonopolis. The real breakthrough came when actor Ryan O'Neal, in the role of Rodney Harrington on the American soap opera Peyton Place, wore the jacket while filming. From that moment on, the G9 was renamed the Harrington Jacket. Celebrities like James Dean and Elvis Presley helped make the jacket famous, but it was Steve McQueen, nicknamed "The King of Cool," who inextricably linked his name to the jacket, making it a symbol of cool and rebellion.
In the 1960s, the jacket was embraced by British subcultures, including the Mods and Jamaican rude boys, and became an icon of rebellion and rejection of social conventions. British alternative fashion of the 1980s and 1990s embraced it enthusiastically, and even the movies were not indifferent, with an iconic appearance in the James Bond film "Quantum of Solace" starring Daniel Craig. On the occasion of its 85th anniversary, Baracuta decided to explore the jacket's heritage and its impact on subcultures around the world. Baracuta's 85th anniversary will be celebrated through a series of projects, including those by Copenhagen-based curator Sune Sandersen, who will explore the G9's legacy in light of the new Scandinavian minimalism; London-based collective @toohotlimited, the epicenter of Baracuta's global community; @cozyvu, who will chronicle the G9's influence in Berlin-based circles; and, in Tokyo. In Italy, nss magazine will recount the origins of the G9 Jacket in Italy through exclusive photos from the brand's historical archives. With the 85th anniversary of the G9 Jacket, Baracuta confirms its position as a timeless and legendary brand that will continue to inspire and influence future generations through its timeless design and connection to subcultures around the world. From Manchester to London, Hollywood to ska concerts, the Harrington Jacket remains a timeless symbol of style and identity, a constant presence in Western culture that continues to inspire and captivate young people around the world.