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The Authors of Contemporary Black Italian History

Many would argue that one of the most important steps towards change is awareness, and throughout the past decade, Italy has been undergoing a major shift in its identity as it has finally begun to come to terms with the realities of its multicultural social fabric.

A fundamental part of this process has been reframing the perception of what one was taught the word “Italian” was meant to mean from a cultural and racial perspective by acknowledging that which exists and existed outside of one’s social bubble by gaining a wider perspective of the society at large.

The presence of Black Italians in particular, being the polar opposite of the eurocentrism that governs the mainstream society, has undergone much scrutiny and ostracization, but has nonetheless always managed to blossom, regardless of no guarantee to acknowledgement.

Which is why for our 6th Digital Cover, nss magazine has partnered with Black History Month Florence and photographer Jim Nedd for the creation of a project that celebrates the accomplishments of sixteen contemporary authors of Black Italian History who all hail from different industries.

The acknowledgement of the accomplishments of Black Italia serves a purpose much greater than simply ticking boxes, but represents the existence of a social thread that aims to highlight and keep track of the contributions Black Italian people are making to Italian society, especially considering that much of the accomplishments of Black Italians in the past have gone partially or completely unnoticed.

In celebrating what Black Italians are doing within our current day society, we aim to consequently influence the perception of what Afro-Italians are capable of and provide a sense of belonging and aspiration for those who are to come.

For the project, these 16 trailer blazers from across Italy are photographed by family and friends, and interviewed on their respective stories as we embrace the rich multiplicity that exists within the Afro-Italian community, while denouncing any notions of monolithism.

Curator - Jim Nedd
Creative Producer - Jordan Anderson
Collage Artist - Emmanuel Yoro
Stylist - Thais Montessori Brandao
Assistant Stylist - Yasmin Maiara Leitte
Editorial coordination Filippo D'asaro
Production - nss factory

  • Aboubakar Soumahoro
    Aboubakar Soumahoro
  • Adama Sanneh
    Adama Sanneh
  • Alberto Malanchino
    Alberto Malanchino
  • Antonella Bundu
    Antonella Bundu
  • Binta Diaw
    Binta Diaw
  • Charity Dago
    Charity Dago
  • Coco Rebecca Edogamhe
    Coco Rebecca Edogamhe
  • David Blank
    David Blank
  • Delio Jasse
    Delio Jasse
  • Esther Elisha
    Esther Elisha
  • Ifeoma Nneka Emelurumonye
    Ifeoma Nneka Emelurumonye
  • Igiaba Scego
    Igiaba Scego
  • Jem Perucchini
    Jem Perucchini
  • Mariabenedicta Chigbolu
    Mariabenedicta Chigbolu
  • Stella Jean
    Stella Jean
  • Victoire Gouloubi Chef, Milano
    Victoire Gouloubi Chef, Milano