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Naples city guide

Powered by Eastpak

Naples city guide Powered by Eastpak

How many of your most passionate trips have been accompanied by an Eastpak backpack? The American brand is an icon in terms of versatility and functionality and it proves that through its latest project: a series of city guides which investigate the people and the habits of the most charming cities of the world thanks to the genuine contribution of the creative minds who live or have lived there.

The latest stop of this long tour has been Naples. To draw up a chart of the unmissable places of the city the brand turned to our Walter D’Aprile and Vincenzo Schioppa, who guided the team to the discovery of authentic Neapolitan gems.

We unveil them to you here through the images shot by Meschina:


8 am - BAR MOCCIA (Breakfast). The ideal place to try the “Pizzetta”, a typical bakery product made of sweet pastry with tomato and mozzarella on top.


10.30 am – RESINA. A popular vintage market in Ercolano - a town close to Naples - similar to Brick Lane, where you can find rare couture pieces. Many fashion houses go there to make style research for their collections. Close to it, you can also find the biggest archive of military clothes and accessories of the world. 


12 am - HOTEL “LA CONTRORA”. It’s a hostel where you can breathe an International vibe, connected to all the majors attractions of the city. It used to be an historic building in the heart of the city, which has later been turned into an hotel. A perfect place to spend a nice weekend in Naples, especially if you have a low budget.


1.30 am - STARITA (Lunch). One of the most renewed pizzerias of the city. Not only to have a classic pizza, but also for the fried one (very tasty, but a bit heavy!). Very central, ideal for a typical lunch or dinner with friends.


3 pm - MUSEO MADRE. A contemporary art museum situated inside the Palazzo Donna Regina. It represents nowadays a multifaceted reality which has established itself as a cultural reference for the whole South of Italy.


4 pm - LONDON STORE. It’s a shop which skilfully mixes selected street wear brands with more contemporary ones.


6 pm - BAR NILO. An historic coffee in the centre of the city, famous because it conserves a relic belonging to Armando Diego Maradona. The popular Argentinian football player is one of the most representative personalities for the city: he made the city of Naples live a dream, a kind of revenge against the football power of the North of the country.


7.30 pm - CAFFE NEA (Aperitivo). An historic coffee-art gallery in the city centre. It hosts regularly the exhibitions of young national and international artists, like a recent one dedicated to the underground scene of the 80s.


9 pm - CICCIOTTO (Dinner). A breathtaking restaurant by the sea, where you can find the best fresh fish every day. Definitely one of the hot spots of the city.


11 pm - FONOTECA (Cocktail). Born as a vinyl shop, it later became a bar. 

The complete guide is on Eastpak website.