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A Summer in Naples by Brett Lloyd

'Scugnizzi'  A Summer in Naples by Brett Lloyd

The word ‘scugnizzi’ [ʃkuɲːiʦːə] means "street urchin" in Neapolitan language.

Street children, who often have no emotional education, nor a general understanding of good manners, pushing themselves beyond the limits, where the rule of the strongest leads them.

In the end, at the basis of all these lacks, there is a strong enthusiasm, love for life and will to undertake new adventures, with all the recklessness and curiosity that only children have.

Many people, especially those who are just passing by this city, get impressed by their attitude: sometimes they are scared, others just deeply amazed. One of them is photographer Brett Lloyd, who claims to find them "intriguing and fascinating: bands that are always around not to do anything good".

Brett has spent his summer taking pictures of them - along with the rest of the population of Naples - along the volcanic beaches of the city. "The beaches are the poorest areas, with the most irreverent people. Everyone is connected to each other in some way, which probably explains all this rage and this chaos. It seemed that these people were only there for a few hours before returning at work or to their families. Even the children were working on the beach. Most of the teenagers went hunting for mussels and clams to the bay and then sold them to restaurants in the evening".