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A project by Roxy in the Box

Chatting A project by Roxy in the Box

I have always thought that art should be for everyone as an object of curiosity, enrichment, interaction, and not only dedicated to chosen few.

It should be explained, justified and placed in the center of the priority of a civilized country, because it is itself proof of the civilization of our past and present.

Now, imagine a popular district of the historic center of Naples, chaotic and lazy at the same time, and that has a lifestyle sometimes consisting of a few absolute postulates that often permit or ignore everything.

What about if art made its appearance? Then everything changes, and the experiment starts.

I actually consider the project "Chatting" by Neapolitan artist Roxy in the Box a social experiment: she affixes portraits of famous people sitting on chairs, just outside the houses of local residents, with the typical door that opens directly on the street. Everything is at eye level, and the figures are extremely colorful and vibrant, so much that they look like real neighboors read to gossip.

Roxy says of her project: "Chatting for me means chat, but also mess and human relationships. I live on the Spanish quarters and I have always been intrigued by "low" ones. Peeking and getting to see a whole world inside a few square meters, seeing pictures hanging on the walls, the smell of the tomato sauce mixed with the scent of freshly made laundry, I mean all these things even though I live there strike me every time. But then comes the good weather and the "low" quarters are emptied to populate the outer roads with chairs and stools, ladies and children, laughter and sometimes blows".

Once again, street art shows its lively and engaging side, encouraging everyone to always be curious, to ask questions and to evolve.