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10 pink delights to make your day sweeter

10 pink delights to make your day sweeter


Pink it was love at first sight” sang the Aerosmith in 1997. Pink is that colour which makes everything immediately look sweeter and feminine, and which is gradually entering the masculine wardrobe as well. Fashion, art and design used it to create the most sugary items ever. To make your summer afternoon sweeter, we drew up a top ten made of all shades of pink.



#1 Pink in art: Edgar Degas' Ballerinas


#2 Pink in movies: The Pink Ladies from "Grease" (1978)


#3 Pink in music: pink banana for The Velvet Underground & Nico LP


#4 Pink in fashion: Simone Rocha x J Brand capsule collection


#5 Pink cars: pink vintage Volvo


#6 Pink furniture: pink vintage velvet sofa


#7 Pink in nature: pink roses


#8 Pink sneakers: Raf Simons x adidas Originals


#9 Pink animals: pink flamingos


#10 Pink in architecture: Palais Bulles in Cannes