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Please excuse the mess pictures by Stephanie Gonot

Please excuse the mess pictures by Stephanie Gonot

Looking "Color Therapy" on Google as the first result I got the definition provided by Wikipedia says:

"Colour therapy is an alternative medicine that uses color as a therapy for the treatment of diseases.

The use of colors is normally regulated by common principles, similar to those that lead to choose the color of worn or tint of the walls of the house to match them to a given personality and to promote or oppose a certain mood. According to color therapy, colors help the body and psyche to restore their natural balance, and have physical and psychological effects that can stimulate the body and soothe some symptoms. "

A closer look at the pictures of Stephanie Gonot fact, I feel more happy (or perhaps more troubled?): Colors that are brilliant photographer proposes, net, and the scenes left open create the great questions to which everyone gives his own interpretation.


It 'a mix between Pop and Surrealism, which involves fantasy and humor, and maybe that can be a source of inspiration for the more artistic Instagramers always looking for ideas.