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Otto Camera Makes Animated GIFs

Raspberry Pi

Otto Camera Makes Animated GIFs Raspberry Pi

In the '90s GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) , were super popular on internet. Today, they return more charges than ever in all their glory, used to express in an original and unique content, to the fore on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ ... just still find it hard to accept them.

Represent the emblem of an aesthetic typically 90's reported today in vogue on the network: nostalgic and vintage, characterized by a restricted color palette, they are literally driving crazy the web’s people.

Transform an image into a GIF is not a difficult, just arm yourself with editing software, some website preset and you're done. But what if we told you that the three designers Thomas Deckert, Dave Rauchwerk, and Gustavo Huber are creating a new machine to take GIF independently?

His name is OTTO and is a piece of hardware which aims to capture animated GIF, currently a prototype. Its commercialization depends solely on the outcome of the game is fundraising on Kickstarter, amazing! Using the appropriate application on your smartphone, you can choose different modes , including Capture the GIF, the time-lapse mode and various image filters . OTTO is the first commercial product built on the Raspberry Pi, and designed to be modified and improved by anyone.