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Banksy - Better Out Than In

October 2013 New York

Banksy - Better Out Than In October 2013 New York

To attract attention all are great, some more, some less obviously, even if the person in question has been called "the invisible modern art." We are talking about Banksy, the British street artist that is setting up a new show on the streets of New York, his own open-air gallery.

So the artist put it, "Better Out Than In", that is, better outside than inside, the exhibition from October 2013 will see a new graffiti appearing every day for the rest of the month on the walls of the American metropolis. Today in Brooklyn appeared a balloon in the shape of heart covered with patches, last Saturday a "garden-wheel", true piece of poetry with a lot of water flowing, literally walking around the city at night, for luck of unsuspecting passers-by.

The hunt for the daily piece has begun!


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