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Three years of Palazzo Monti in exhibition with 'Transatlantico'

At the Mana Contemporary in Jersey City

Three years of Palazzo Monti in exhibition with 'Transatlantico' At the Mana Contemporary in Jersey City

Palazzo Monti, artist residency based in Brescia, Italy, founded and curated by Edoardo Monti, is about to celebrate three years of activity with a show hosted at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City. This first retrospective sees Monti’s curatorial journey grow in partnership with an international cultural centre. The exhibition aims to honour the over 120 artists that have been hosted and welcomed from every corner of the world to the residency in Brescia; mirroring this inclusive spirit within the hub of a global international creative community. 

Transatlantico, an Italian word for a transatlantic ocean liner, communicates the nature of the exhibition: a voyage across the ocean, with works that come from all over the world to be reunited inside one of the most unique creative spaces in the US. A cultural bridge, connecting people and minds in a similar way to what has been built through more than three years of activity in Brescia. The show embodies the core values of Palazzo Monti, which are in line with Mana Contemporary’s mission: to offer a significant opportunity to artists and creatives from all continents, working in a variety of media, looking beyond personal beliefs only to focus on the human self. Monti’s curatorial concept is translated into the physical layout of more than 120 artworks in the show through an imaginary line that will run across space, indicating the common element shared by each artist: their residency experience in the Palazzo, and their devotion to creativity and experimentation. The imaginary line serves as a starting point from which artworks are hung towards the ceiling and the floor, allowing each artist to express their practice with a variety of sizes, shapes and media. 

Transatlantico is the first exhibition Mana Contemporary will inaugurate after the lockdown, the show is open from October 18th 2020 until April 17th 2021, admission is free and by appointment only.