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4 things to know about the new iPhone 12

The next generation of smartphones will be unveiled tomorrow

4 things to know about the new iPhone 12 The next generation of smartphones will be unveiled tomorrow

Apple's Hi, Speed event is scheduled for tomorrow, where the next generation of iPhone 12s will be unveiled – a highly anticipated event, to be held at Apple Park in Cupertino and will be streamed on Apple's website. As usual, rumors about the features of the new smartphone line-up have eased: these speculations relate to design features, connection and the dates of upcoming releases. 

With so many details (technical and non-technical) chasing and bouncing in online forums it's easy to get lost and that's why nss magazine has listed four main facts to know about the new iPhone 12.


Four new models and a new design

The new iPhone 12 will come in Mini version, normal version, Pro and Pro Max version. Each of these versions will then have three different internal storage options as well as slightly different measurements and the more advanced models of Pro and Pro Max can reach up to 512 GB of storage space. The design of the new model also includes a return to the angular edge of the iPhone 4 and 5, and will have a steel edge for the more expensive and aluminum models for the less expensive. Depending on the type of coverage in the area in which they are located, iPhone 12s will be able to take advantage of the speed of 5G.


Cameras and screens

As with the previous generation, the iPhone 12 family will have two- and three-camera models depending on the model. A very interesting possibility is that of the LIDAR sensor in the pro models – a type of laser sensor that allows the operating system to map the reality around it with great accuracy and that, in addition to the camera itself, should greatly improve the augmented reality experience.

The new Super Retina XDR display, which last year belonged to the iPhone 11 Pro alone, will be used in all four models. With the complete abandonment of LCD technology and the switch to OLED, the resolution and colors of the new smartphone will be much closer to the real.  While it is unclear whether there will be a radical update to the fluidity of scrolling images and animations – another possibility is a new ceramic substrate that, placed under the screens, should make them much more resistant.


The charger will not be included

For the first time, Apple will not include the charger in the packaging of new smartphones. The decision should have, according to the sources, a dual motivation: the first is economic savings, the second the desire to slow down the production of the so-called e-waste since the classic iPhone charger has become a common accessory in almost every home. The packaging could still include the USB cable, but the real news is that, according to some rumors, Apple would develop a 20-watt charger that could charge all its devices much faster.


The release

In this order, the regular model and the iPhone 12 Pro should be available between October 23 and 24, with pre-orders scheduled between October 16 and 17, the iPhone 12 Mini will be released between November 13 and 14, while the latest model, the Pro Max, will be available between 20 and 21 November with the start of prepordini set between 13 and 14 of the same month.