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Instagram: @VHFdigital is the coolest account of the moment

Art + fashion + gif = pure creativity

 Instagram: @VHFdigital is the coolest account of the moment  Art + fashion + gif = pure creativity

If well used, Instagram can be the ideal space to express your talent. This is the case of the duo behind the @VHFdigital (Video High Frequency) account.

The secret is simple but effective: mix art and fashion with gifs, combining colors, textures and moving details. The influences? A heterogeneous range that includes Comodor 64, Windows 95, 128k Macintosh to video games, cinematography, etc.

This modern and captivating approach stems from the desire to explore thinking as an image in motion, giving life to an unconventional and creative way to convey and promote fashion and luxury. No longer with uni-sensory means, but as three-dimensional, almost tangible experiences, able to show products at 360 degrees, which offers the possibility of a new and engaging experience and interaction for the digital audience.

The artists duo explains that they have chosen to express themselves with the gifs because flashy images and animations are immediately absorbed and have a strong visual impact that adheres well to a reality in which "the business of fashion and luxury goods it is shifting as consumers seek interactions and experiences, especially on social media and online."

If, as revealed by those directly involved, the visual identity of VHF takes its inspiration "from the aesthetics of the early phases of the digital age giving it a modern touch with a unique and innovative interpretation of matter", its future could be more collaborations with important brands.

After the recent partnership with Marni, @VHFdigital dreams of working above all with Prada, but also with Gucci, Loewe, MSGM, Calvin Klein, Vivienne Westwood, GQ, Garage and Lane Crawford.

We are sure that the success of this project is only at the beginning and you?