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Club to Club 2019 has enlightened Turin

La Luce al Buio: Season 2 seen in black and white

Club to Club 2019 has enlightened Turin La Luce al Buio: Season 2 seen in black and white
Claudiu Asmarandei (LLum Collettivo)

Club to Club 2019 festival ended last weekend, one of the symbolic event of the Italian and world music scene, in dialogue with the last edition and with the spirit that for nineteen years has brought to Turin a musical vision that pushes techno, grime, and avant-pop music into fluid and dense of meanings boundaries, projected to an indefinable future.
The dance of lights of Club to Club La Luce al Buio: Season 2 opened with Slowthai's anti-Brexit live show, passing through the performances of James Blake, Flume, Skee Mask, Floating Points, Chromatics and the solo debut of Romy, member of The XX.
The festival has been an alternative tale of the city of Turin and its artistic growth in recent years, but also a journey between the two souls - the noble one and the industrial one - of the city, kept in the Reggia di Venaria, Porta Palazzo, in the Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Symposium and Lingotto.

Over 30,000 participants, from 45 countries around the world, significant numbers in addition to the 50 shows, of which 16 Italian exclusive and 11 Italian debuts, for a sum of 100 artists from 5 continents. The Lingotto lives were the catalyst of the festival, a microcosm that followed the biological rhythm of the music, wrapped in the darkness of the Crack stage and the Light Over Darkness stage, on which the artists were silhouettes against the light.
nss magazine was present with a merch and with the camera of Claudiu Asmarandei (LLum Collettivo), dipped in the darkness of light.