Tuesday, October 9th, Fabrique, Milan.

Terrence LeVarr Thornton - better known as Pusha T - returned to Italy for a special performance for the occasion of his highly anticipated Daytona tour.

The artist, that for over 20 years has represented the "true" hip-hop, boast features of prestige throughout his career: from the partnership with his brother Clipse to Pharrell, the Gorillaz, Kendrick Lamar, Kayne West, and many others. One of the most interesting aspects of the album is undoubtedly the cover, a photograph from 2006 that immortalizes the messy bathroom with the drugs of Whitney Houston. The entire work, produced by Kanye West, deals with issues related to the degradation of the Bronx, drug addicts, pushers, with the addition of some spicy little arrows to Mr. Drake.

Participating last night at the live show in Milan was like reliving the entire career of Pusha T, new and old songs that alternated one after the other, including jumps, light games and lots of hip-hop. The audience was literally "hypnotized" especially when the artist lost himself in a liberating performance with Santeria (curiosity: the hook of this song is taken from a pagan prayer in Spanish).

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