Last May 9th was a day of celebration, a Naples united as few times seen, had an appointment at the Diaz roundabout because on this day, they all had to be there, putting aside for a moment the thoughts, the chaos of everyday life, to sing along with him, the one who found the right mix, blending melodic tradition with the contemporary sound: Liberato.

Continuing the synergy between Converse and the artist who had his first concert in his own hometown of Naples, made us discover a Liberato who loves his audience - to whom he addressed a sincere "Ma quanto siete belli!" adorned with the natural Neapolitan slang - that juggles between microphone, instruments and (why not) even some stage jumps. A faceless artist who can transmit energy and passion even if hidden behind a fictitious name and a black hood. That guy in shiny bomber and Converse One Star will continue to tantalize the morbid curiosity of the public and the most absurd theories about his identity, but what matters is that for forty minutes the character who seemed only a distant story or a video on YouTube, has made an entire city dance t o'nfaccia 'o mare.

Between the show of the electronic duo Nu Guinea, the first sounds of 9 MAGGIO and the new of INTOSTREET and JE TE VOGLIO BENE ASSAJE, presented the concert at the Lungomare "liberato".

We are all now waiting for the concert in Milano Liberata on June 9th, which Liberato recently announced on his Instagram profile.

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