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If celebs quitted social media

What would Instagram be without Kylie Jenner's selfies?

If celebs quitted social media What would Instagram be without Kylie Jenner's selfies?

Some days ago Kendall Jenner deleted her Instagram profile. The news, which has spread around the web in no time causing panic among the model's fans, has been a bombshell. Sunday morning, with no notice,  the It girl's 68 million followers learned the sad news by finding her account deactivated.

There have been lots of rumors about the possible reason that could have led Kendall Jenner (who won the “Most Liked Picture on Instagram” in 2015 thanks to her “Heart-shaped hair” post with 3.2 million likes and more than 144,000 comments) to delete her Instagram profile. Someone has said the cause was a stalker who harassed her, someone else has claimed the problem were the negative comments from haters or, even, the recent critics the model has received because of a shooting in Vogue España.

Fortunately, Kendall Jenner herself has come to our aid to solve the persistent question confessing why she took this decision during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres aired yesterday. "I just wanted to detox. I just wanted a little bit of a break. I'm always on it” the model said, solving the mystery.

So, not the critics, nor a hater or a stalker convinced Kendall Jenner to delete her Instagram account, she's just on a “detox” break. The reason could sound weird, maybe stupid, but, on second thought, it makes more sense than it seems. But what would happen if all our favourite idols quitted social media?

Try to image your Instagram timeline without Kylie Jenner's selfies, without Chiara Ferragni's airport outfits and Cristiano Ronaldo's pictures while he's training. Well, life goes on, the important things are way far from these, but you must admit it would be a shock.

This scenario, though, it's more likely than you think: before Kendall Jenner other celebs deleted their social. The most sensational was singer Justin Bieber's escape from Instagram, when last Summer he deleted his account because of the bad comments people were writing against his then-girlfriend, Sofia RichieKim Kardashian, one of the most followed stars on Instagram, also stopped to post on her profile after the tragic robbery she experienced in her Parisian home.

The reason is always the same: the need for privacy, the necessity to get away from online life and fans, ever more pressing on social media. Egoism? Snobbery? Lack of gratitude toward their followers? Maybe, but we shouldn't forget (as we often do) our idols are human just like us. In a world where whoever can get know what Gigi Hadid had for lunch or how many times Rihanna gets her manicure done, and, above all, where everyone feels the right to express his own opinion about everything, it's no surprise that even them, the celebs, would escape from all this occasionally.

But what's the consequence for this choice? It's undeniable that our favourite idols quitting social media could impact their public image. A huge part of their popularity is due to their presence online and their ability to establish a deep relationship with their fans. If this as illusory as powerful connection would miss... Poof! the trick disappears and the celeb is back being considered an unreachable and anonymous figure. So, the problem is that, with their online profiles, also their popularity, the blind loyalty of their fans and their very existence as public persons could fade away. If Justin Bieber takes a selfie but no one sees it, did it really happen?
And what our lives would be without the Kardashian-Wests and friend's amateur photos? A bit more boring, surely. That fantastic world made of squats in the gym, amazing dresses, selfies in the bathroom of some luxury hotel and backstages of gigs we didn't see live would vanish. But, above all, our sick necessity to spy on every step our idols take, over time, would go down – thankfully.

Thus, after the first phase of panic and feeling empty, another question would arise: would we really miss them? Maybe not. Thanks to social media, everyone could in some way become a web star. Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Brooklyn Beckham would be replaced by our very cool friends or some stranger with beautiful Instagram pictures.

So, all things considered, the phenomenon of celebs quitting social networks would have little impact on us: we would immediately be ready to follow, spy and comment some stranger on Instagram.