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The world is talking about #TottiSelfie

Cool chit chat

The world is talking about #TottiSelfie  Cool chit chat

Francesco Totti, Totti, Er Pupone,  Francesco Nazionale (in cahoots with the Pope) and now #TottiSelfie. However you choose to call it, this man has made history.

It was late Sunday afternoon when the Rome reassembled unexpectedly in the derby against Lazio. To save the situation always him.

Leave comments to the BBC sports and focus on gesture that shocked us: the exultation after the second goal Er Pupone takes the phone of a man on the sideline and you take a Selfie with the curve. The revolution.

The gesture most mainstream of the year has made a fool of the football world.

Maybe because no one had done before, or why he did it himself.

But why do we like so much Francesco Totti?

1. Best player. Is indicated by many as the best Italian player of all time.

2. It is long-lived, Totti is 38 years old and have no intention of quitting. Then in his heart the Roma and Italians melt for parochialism.

3. Celebrations details. It's not news that the National Francis if it comes out with the brilliant find, sucking her thumb, with T-shirts with slogans and irreverent, like forget it, "mo je faccio er cucchiaio!". Made history.

4. Family. Blasi is with the family and seem Mulino Bianco, all roses, flowers and children. The emblem ness.

5. Selfie. And he did come back to the fore the word of 2014, in the best way.

Now Lazio have only digest the issue.