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5 things to do in Milan this weekend

From 10 to 12 December

5 things to do in Milan this weekend From 10 to 12 December

With the first snow and the almost mystical appearance of the Christmas markets in Piazza Duomo, with their nativity scenes and alpine dishes, catapulting us into vivid childhood memories of when snow meant playing with neighbors and closed schools, waking up in the morning with the snow, in a cold metropolitan studio apartment, seems rather traumatic. Perhaps for no adult the snow can represent a happy present, with the streets frozen and the winter shoes forgotten who knows where 'in the other house', yet there is always something extremely moving in seeing the snow-covered roofs and some children smiling in the streets, with their mouth open to taste the flakes. In any case, if this vision does not comfort you from the cold, here's a list of 5 places to discover for an eventful weekend.

To Eat - Dal Bolognese

At Palazzo Recalcati, in a pleasantly old-fashioned environment well sheltered from the arrival of frost, Dal Bolognese offers traditional Emilian dishes, with particular affection for the Genovese gastronomic heritage. Living rooms with bourgeois-looking leather armchairs are enriched with tables, covers and a menu with the best traditional dishes: green lasagna with meat sauce, tortellini with butter and parmesan, tortellini in broth, pumpkin tortellini, cutlet Bolognese, up to to the triumphal “plateau” of mixed boiled meat in green sauce and Cremona mustard.

Via Amedei, 8 

To Chill - IKEA Circular Exhibition

Until December 17, IKEA presents Circular Exhibition, both an art exhibition and an experiential path in collaboration with the creative hub BASE Milano to learn about the world of circularity and find out how to minimize waste. Nine designers, including Matteo Guarnaccia, Andrea de Chirico, the collective The Ladies Room and Parasite 2.0, as well as students from the Brera Academy, have created works by reinterpreting and reusing objects recovered from IKEA's circular hubs - the areas of shops dedicated to sale and purchase of second-hand furniture - using scraps to create something new and creative.

Via Bergognone, 34

To Club - Le Cannibale Super-Love

Le Cannibale, great protagonist of Milanese and Italian clubbing scene with over 500 events to its credit, returns with a night of music as a guest of a new space in the heart of Milan, with Rollodex returning to the console and a very welcome guest, Lamusa II, talented producer and international DJ. On 11 December from 11pm at Superlove, a place hidden like a little underground secret in the Colonne area, passion for music and nostalgia for the dancefloor come to life.

Corso di Porta Ticinese, 32

To Discover - Domenico Gnoli

Domenico Gnoli the exhibition is presented as a retrospective that brings together more than 100 works created by the artist, a chronological and documentary section with historical materials, photographs and other testimonies that help to reconstruct the biographical and artistic path of Gnoli over fifty years from the his disappearance. A retrospective that is part of a series of research exhibitions that Fondazione Prada has dedicated to outsider figures of the twentieth century such as Edward Kienholz, Leon Golub and William Copley, who can't be assimilated to the main artistic currents of their time. The significant details painted by Gnoli on display suggest enigmatic biographies of the objects represented and testify to the artist's search for a radical reinterpretation of classical representation.

L.go Isarco, 2 

To Shop - @hobbygardendeinavigli

If you haven't bought your Christmas tree yet or if you want to replace the plastic one that is molding under the stairs, Hobby Garden is definitely the place for you. A corner of heaven on earth in the middle of the canal that offers every type of plant available on the market, including, of course, splendid pines.

Viale Cassala, 15