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Top 5 most searched Halloween costumes online

Not to be unprepared for October 31

Top 5 most searched Halloween costumes online Not to be unprepared for October 31

As Halloween approaches, reports on the most sought-after costumes also begin to multiply. In recent weeks, both Google and Shopify have published their own, highlighting how the tastes of audiences around the world are increasingly influenced by characters that have gone viral, recently released films or the most famous Netflix shows. Combining the results of the most searched costumes on Google and the Google Freightgeist Report, which concerns only the USA, together with that of Shopify it is highlighted how the great Halloween classics are less and less about real fear and more and more about pop culture: among the five trends of the most searched costumes on Google and according to Shopify,  for example, there is not even a horror-themed one while Google Frightgeist reports that the witch is still the most popular in America, at the top of a top 10 that however has only one other entry that concerns scary costumes. 

In order not to confuse you excessively but above all to make sure that your costume becomes a conversation starter at the inevitable Halloween parties, we have compiled a list of top 5 most searched Halloween costumes. Feel free to note.

1. Bernie Sanders

Almost surprisingly, and perhaps because of its relative ease, one of the most sought-after costumes is that of Bernie Sanders in his now famous outfit of the presidential proclamation last January. The ease of the costume is extreme: you only need woolen muffles, an anthracite synthetic parka and a blue mask. The more skilled will also be able to copy details such as chocolate-colored pants, brown suede lace-ups, glasses and the folder of documents while only those who dedicate themselves to Halloween body and soul will also buy the wig to reproduce the hairstyle of Senator Sanders.

2. Squid Game

Squid Game is at the top of all this year's charts as far as Halloween is concerned. Both because it is a show that includes only three costumes (the players, the guards and the Captain), and because many are still watching it on Netflix and therefore its imprint is still fresh in the collective consciousness, and because Amazon is full of cheap costumes while, for the outifit of the players, a green or blue tracksuit with a pair of white Vans Slip-On and maybe some fake blood stain solves everything with great elegance and minimal spending. If ordering on Amazon bothers you, a more DIY solution will be to find a pink or red jumpsuit or use one of those overall painter's suits while for the mask it will be enough to find a black one to color with the geometric symbols with the marker.

3. Britney Spears

Britney Spears is ranked third in the most sought-after Halloween costumes globally. It's easy to see why: This year her name has been on everyone's lips, with the public closely following the pop star's legal battle against her father, several documentaries about her life have come out, and most importantly, Britney has provided Halloween lovers with a huge repertoire of costumes to imitate. From the Oops! I did it again all-red leather suit up to the schoolgirl outfit of Hit Me Baby One More Time, and to the flight attendant outfit of Toxic or the epic denim evening dress of the American Music Awards of 2001 that can also become a great idea for a couple costume.

4. Bridgerton

Before Squid Game came to change the rules of the game (pun intended), Bridgerton was the most watched show ever on Netflix. A pleasant escapist fantasy set during the English Regency era that offers a mine of ideas to the most creative: velvet jackets, vests and shirts with gale for men; long empire dresses, extra-swollen skirts and white wigs for women; but also feathers, tiaras, work gloves and boots. All objects that, if put together, make a costume but that taken individually could also end up becoming part of your wardrobe. 

5. Venom/Spiderman

The incredibly anticipated Spider-Man: No Way Home will arrive only in late December, but its trailer has already been enough to send seismic shocks through the entire Internet. A few days ago, however, Venom was released at the cinema which in fact led the costumes inspired by the film to dominate the last two places of the Google Top 5 even if in the USA the Spiderman costume is the fourth most popular. And if spider-man's costumes online at any price range are easily available, those of Venom have the enormous advantage of being able to be homemade – just a total black outfit with a black mask that wraps around the head: you can sew patches on a balaclava to imitate Venom's eyes, you can draw Venom's eyes with marker on the blackest tights you can steal,  or you can just go to Amazon.