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The forgotten and obscure Apple's fashion collection

When an Apple Watch cost $35

The forgotten and obscure Apple's fashion collection When an Apple Watch cost $35
Long before becoming synonymous with technology and innovation, Apple has earned the respect of a huge audience over the years thanks to its products and eternal status. MacBook, iPod, iPhone and Apple Watch are just some of the names that come to mind when we think of the numerous successes of the Cupertino house, the same that owes much of its fortunes to one name, in particular, that of Steve Jobs. But what happened when Jobs decided to leave Apple

It was 1986 and just a year earlier Jobs had resigned as president after an argument with John Sculley, a complicated time for the company that needed to regain the trust of its customers by creating something that could give them the opportunity to express all their love for the company. Thus was born the Apple Collection, the biggest misstep of the American company in its most desperate moment. The idea behind it was simple: take some of the biggest trends of that period and cover them with Apple logos, thus transforming it into an infinite merchandising that would have made even the collaboration between Travis Scott and McDonald's pale. Clothing for adults and children, with tees and sweaters that perfectly reflect the 80s aesthetics accompanied by accessories of any kind. There are sunglasses, hats and bags for women, but above all an unsuspected precursor of the Apple Watch for only $35. 

The Apple Collection, however, did not stop there, rather it wanted to accompany loyal customers at every moment of their day, from work to leisure. There are objects for the office, such as binders and post-its, but also items of dubious taste such as a mouse cover in the shape of a plush mouse. There is no shortage of brooches, necklaces, keyrings, but also wine glasses and any type of backpack you can think of. There is really everything in what at the time was a real flop, but which in a sense denotes how in reality Apple, even in its moment of greatest confusion, was already ahead of its time.

Let's face it, if this collection were to come out today, in the age of hype at all costs, it would probably sell out in a few minutes to find ourselves a few weeks later in the office surrounded by colleagues with the Apple lunchbox. If phenomena like the collaboration between Travis Scott and McDonald's have taught us anything, it is that in hype culture anything is possible, even finding yourself buying an Apple beach towel on StockX.