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The Return of the Italjet Dragster

The first limited-edition 499 pieces are already sold out

The Return of the Italjet Dragster The first limited-edition 499 pieces are already sold out

After presenting it with an exclusive preview at EICMA (International Motorcycle and Accessories Cycle Exhibition) in Milan, back in September 2019, Italjet is ready to launch on the market a new version of its iconic Dragster, the legendary scooter that has become an icon both in Italy and in the rest of the world in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 25 years since its birth, the Dragster will be available in three colours: anthracite, red and white; anthracite and yellow; black and grey. 

For the first 499 customers, Italjet has reserved a special version: a limited edition model in Black/Magnesium with aluminium details, which will not be replicated in subsequent series models. All the first 499 Dragsters will have a numbered identification plate and the owners will even be given a certificate of exclusivity. Reservations have come from all over the world and all the limited edition copies are already sold out. 

The Italjet Dragster made the history of Italian scooters and quickly conquered the rest of the world, especially the Japanese market. Its first version dates back to 1995: the new model was designed to compete against competitors and was one of the first to understand the potential of the combination of motorcycles and scooters, which would later be taken up by other brands such as Yamaha. Its success both at the time and in the years to come has also recently been confirmed by Forbes, which in January of this year included it among the best scooters in the world

The production of the Italjet Dragster Limited Edition, in the 125 and 200 displacements, will start from September 2020. The Dragster 125 will be launched on the market at a cost of € 4,900, the Dragster 200 of € 5,400