Summer's coming. Although the rainy weather of the recent weeks has almost made us forget the few days that separate us from the hot season, many have already planned the next holidays. What will be the most loved destination? According to Airbnb, which has unveiled the ranking of the most popular summer destinations, established on the basis of the bigger growth in bookings compared to the one of the same period in 2018, most of the tourists will focus on discovering the natural wonders of the Planet.

The top 10 shows a growing preference for the beaches and nature reserves of Puerto Rico:

1. Valenciennes, France 

2. Changsha, China 

3. Matsudo, Japan 

4. Marigot, St. Martin 

5. Wuhan, China 

6. Dorado, Puerto Rico 

7. Vieques, Puerto Rico 

8. Río Grande, Puerto Rico 

9. Yeosu, South Korea 

10. Bragg Creek, Canada.

Looking more in detail at the choices of Italian travellers, we discover that Italy remains the preferred destination: in the top 10 of the favorite destinations with regions such as Tuscany, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Puglia and Basilicata, at the top of this year's ranking thanks to Matera European Capital of Culture 2019. When, on the other hand, they go on holiday abroad, most of our fellow countrymen opt for Morocco (with Marrakech at +142%) and Croatia (with Zagreb at +137%).

The most popular holiday destinations for summer 2019 according to Airbnb From the sea of Puerto Rico to Canadian mountains | Image 0

Airbnb also tracked the differences between families and solo travellers. The first ones are divided between classic seaside destinations and adventure excursions. Globally, families put in first place Bay, Wisconsin; Four Corners, Florida, Tobermory, Scotland; while Italian families love Sardinia, Greece, Norway, New York and London. 
Solo travellers, on the other hand, book their holidays on the breathtaking beaches of Mexico and the United States; while the most popular summer destinations among solo Italian travellers are Valencia (+147%), New York (+106%), Palermo (+97%) and Madrid (+73%).