The Ferrara Arte Foundation together with Ilturco association has designed and curated the cultural project "Boldini Trendsetter", which is part of the initiatives that complete the "Boldini e la moda" exhibition, set up from February 16th at Palazzo Diamanti and open to the public until June, 2.

The project consists of a series of video interviews, carried out by some of the four classes of the Einaudi Institute, the Ercole I d'Este Institute and the Smiling International School and part of the educational project "The image in the mirror", organized with the Eni support. The 6 interviews focus on the world of fashion filtered through the eyes of teenagers, giving voice to some of the leading personalities and those involved in the industry, who will tell in the episodes the story, the ideas and the creative process behind top-level brands. Among these there will be as guests fashion designer Danilo Paura; Matthew Williams, founder of 1017 ALYX 9SM; Walter D'Aprile of nss magazine and nss factory;Alterazioni Video creative studio, which took care of the last Off-White Paris fashion show; Felisi's marketing department and Gabriele Casaccia, creative director of Slam Jam, one of the most important stores in the world, based in the Emilian city. The latter is the first guest of "Boldini trendsetter".

Together with the Smiling International School's students, Gabriele Casaccia talked about Slam Jam, but also of the impact that streetwear has on the lives of the youth and how it can be associated with the phenomena of custom perfectly described by the elegance of Giovanni Boldini's paintings. The artist has, in fact, influenced the Parisian style of the Belle Epoque, spreading the style through costume magazines such as Les Modes. A very contemporary approach to spreading trends, not far from the social strategies of fashion brands and for this reason a perfect bridge between the experiences of the 6 guests and the Ferrara-based painter.