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New emojis are coming

Including the "pinching hand"

New emojis are coming Including the pinching hand

How many emoji do we really need? At least 230 others. Thus established the Unicode Consortium, the non-profit organization responsible of the approval, which anticipates a new set coming up in 2019 on major systems, apps and web platforms. A heterogeneous and fun mix of symbols will be added to the digital iconographic vocabulary list: falafel, waffle, garlic, onion, butter, sloth, skunk, flamingo, yawn, yo-yo and many others.

In short, the choice is very wide, but the most commented on the web is the introduction of the "pinching hand".

In many more than a hand that pinches something or indicates a small amount have interpreted the emoji as a sexual reference to something small. On Twitter, the most "naughty" and clever joke has exploded, but the most popular are phrases like:

"Every girl just gained the ability to win an argument in just one emoji"

"All women online thank"

We are sure that this will become one of the most used emoji and you?