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The Matrix green code? Just a bunch of sushi recipes

Neo Uramaki?

 The Matrix green code? Just a bunch of sushi recipes  Neo Uramaki?

Do you know The Matrix, the cult trilogy of the brothers (now sisters) Wachowski? Remember that interminable cascade of strange green characters on a black background that formed the initial sequence of each film in the series? According to Morpheus, it is a programming language of interactive neurosimulation in which humanity thinks it is living, but, instead, is trapped in incubators, used by "machines" as a source of energy. We know: cinema knows how to sell even the most infamous lies well. And certainly no viewer has ever believed that, between hiragana, katakana, kanji and other Japanese ideograms that flowed on the screen, there was the key to a very complicated fictional reality governed by technology in which men are little more than snacks, but none would ever have guessed the truth. Is that mix of symbols the secret to winning the heart of Keanu Reeves? Is this the reason why the "Matrix" goggles are one of the coolest accessories of the last years? No, the truth is much more trivial: it's just a bunch of sushi recipes. Unveiled Simon Whiteley, production designer for the film, in an interview with CNet: "I like to tell everybody that The Matrix's code is made out of Japanese sushi recipes. Without that code, there is no Matrix." Yes, you understood correctly! Now is there any desire to devour a plate of California rolls in front of the beautiful face of Keanu Reeves?