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Top 10: The O.C. most iconic looks

California here we come

Top 10: The O.C. most iconic looks California here we come

It seems only yesterday, when Sandy Cohen and his huge eyebrows welcomed a troubled teenager (who looked like a thirty-year-old) of Chino into a tank top and jeans, radically changing his life and a bit 'of an entire generation. In reality, 15 years have passed. On August 5, 2003, in fact, the first episode of "The OC" was broadcast on the American Fox channel. The teen-drama set among the luxurious villas of Newport Beach that, in 4 seasons and 92 episodes, made us passionate about the stories of Summer, Seth, Ryan, and Marissa.

Just a few notes of "California" by Phantom Planet to catapult us through the shining streets of Orange County and adolescent dramas, hidden between marriages of convenience, bagels for breakfast, parties, champagne and crab canapés and ... boom! The game was done we could no more live without Seth's Chrismukkah, without dreaming of him kissing us in the rain like in Spiderman, without waiting for a knight in the shimmering leather jacket to come and save us on the notes of "Dice" by William Orbit and Finley Quaye, without talking to a miny Pony and hate Marissa Cooper and her wardrobe, which at the time seemed perfect, but reviewed today it is not at all.

Poor Marissa (Mischa Barton)! If you think about it, your life was just a mess, between drugs, alcoholism, irresponsible father and mother Milf (without making too much of a  spoiler about her poor end), but, perhaps, for this reason, it was compelling. Although, without fear of being contradicted, despite the fact that in the 2000s it was the preppy girl who attracted attention, the cult character of "The O.C." is Seth Cohen, the coolest nerd/hipster in the history of the TV series. Did you all know that he married (ok, not him, but Adam Brody, the actor who plays him) with Blaire of "Gossip Girl"? But this is another story...

nss celebrates 15 years of "The O.C." with the most iconic outfits seen in the series. And always remember: "California here we come".


Chanel Girl


Dress meets jeans


CBGB goes preppy




Alex the rebel


Prom dresses


Cut out & pretzel





Let me hold your hand


Wonder Woman