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Royal Wedding: why everyone talks about it?

These 6 GIFs will explain it to you

Royal Wedding: why everyone talks about it? These 6 GIFs will explain it to you

Important communication for all those who this weekend decided to opt for social (and social-media) isolation between the lost Himalayan peaks: the youngest son of Lady D, Harry, and the former actress of the well-known TV series Suits, Meghan, got married.

Following the live streaming of the BBC, the whole world decided to take part in the Royal Wedding, which, even if the prince will not be the future heir to the throne, proved to be better than the general expectations. Why? For more than one reason.

Behind this marriage there is not the typical royal couple, she, the Duchess of something, and he, the blond and blue-eyed price with a crystal sword in his sheath. Harry and Meghan are the opposite of all that. He, who has less than one golden lock, "boasts" a turbulent past, between relationships that ended badly and many drinks drunk in the bar. She, a former actress and model, divorced and... nothing less than American.

Small details that have developed in people an expectation that this would not be a real royal marriage, but the simple union of two individuals who, by chance, have found the queen (and Oprah) in the front row. The union of two young people who have interrupted the gossip about the falsity of their relationship. A true union (against all expectations).

Considering the day of Saturday in 360 degrees, there were other reasons that led the Royal Wedding to success.

#The Wedding Dress


To say that the dress is Givenchy can suffice.

Designed by Clare Waight Keller, it is a pure homage to simplicity. This choice would seem to have been justified by the fact that Meghan:

a. Has already been married (so not to dare is better);

b. Will not be the heir to the throne.

3/4 sleeves and a 5-meter veil, for a total price of around 229,000 euros.


#2 The questions/gossip about her father


On the wedding day, it was Prince Charles who accompanied Meghan to the altar. Her father, absent, would seem not to have been frowned upon by the royal family of England.


#3 The mother


A woman who has certainly caught the eye is Doria Ragland. An excited Mom, she showed off a natural style, unpolished hair, and an unexpected nose piercing. Of African-American origins and yoga teacher; definitely a particular character.





Agitated, Prince Harry said an anticipated "I will". Fun Fact!


#5 They were...


He, in Dior Homme by Kim Jones, handsome as the sun and principal "social-media victim" of this wedding (the battle is between the Beckham's meme and the Queen's ones, in a total lime look)


She, queen in a daring total pink


And them.


#6 The Harry's former girls


At the royal wedding, there was also Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas present, the prince's most famous ex's. Fun but also embarrassing.