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Moncler Intro
Moncler Intro

70 years
in piazza Duomo

1952 was the year when René Ramillon and André Vincent founded Moncler in a mountain village near Grenoble. Starting with the first famous down jacket worn over overalls by workers in that small establishment from which the brand takes its name, Monestier-de-Clermont, the company is still today synonymous with excellence and performance. Seventy years spent creating garments tough enough to guarantee protection under the most extreme weather conditions, seventy years of groundbreaking history in the mountains: in celebration of the anniversary of its founding, Moncler is going on a different adventure this time. An expedition inside an extraordinary heritage, to retrace a past studded with successes, reliving the images that have made the brand famous throughout the world as a symbol of quality and passion.
Extraordinary Forever is a global campaign that shares the highest peaks of the photographic archives of the past decades and from their rediscovery lays the foundation for the new challenges that the future holds. A bold story emerges from a mosaic of individual moments, captured by many lenses in a multitude of people, voices, faces, and places. The snow-capped K2, the Grenoble Winter Olympics, the youth culture of the Paninari, the spectacle of haute couture and unbridled Genius: each peak reached by Moncler represents a shared milestone. From the mountains to the moon and back to planet earth, Moncler's journey is a story of continuous challenges, courage, and community. The same community, after 70 years of shared experiences, is ready to write together, new moments of Moncler's extraordinary history.
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