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The return of Marracash

After three years of silence 'Persona' is about to be released

The return of Marracash After three years of silence 'Persona' is about to be released

There's a kind of impatient and frenetic anticipation surrounding the release of his new album, that arrives three years after Status, but for his latest work, Marracash did not want to rush into anything. 

Persona, dropping in a couple of days, represents probably the most intimate and personal chapter of the career of the 40-year-old rapper whose real name is Fabio Rizzo. 15 new songs that each represent an organ of the body that constitutes the persona and the personality of Marracash/Fabio. For the title and the cover artwork of the record, Marra drew inspiration from the 1966 namesake movie directed by Ingmar Bergman that tackles topics such as the theme of the double and duality. Persona is moreover the result of a rough period for Rizzo, partially due to the end of a toxic relationship, as he called it. 

Pain paralyzises me, I need to live it fully, to drown myself in ti, to squeeze it and eventually get something out of it. 

Persona boasts moreover nine different features, which are a way for Marra to go back to collaborate with old friends such as Gué PequenoCoezLuchè and Sfera Ebbasta, as well as a way to join forces for the first time with emerging artists of the new generation or with artists long considered too distant for taste and approach, like CosmoMadameMahmoodMassimo Pericolo and Tha Supreme. A star-studded and eclectic cast that joins efforts with Marracash in the most anticipated album of the year. 

Here's the complete tracklist of Persona, dropping Thursday, October 31 for Island/Universal Music: 

1. Body Parts - I denti

2. Qualcosa in cui credere - Lo scheletro

3. Quelli che non pensano - Il cervello 

4. Appartengo - Il sangue

5. Poco di buono - Il fegato 

6. Bravi a cadere - I polmoni

7. Non sono Marra - La pelle

8. Supreme - L'ego

9. Sport - I muscoli 

10. Da buttare - Il ca**o

11. Crudelia - I nervi

12. G.O.A.T. - Il cuore

13. Madame - L'anima 

14. Tutto questo niente - Gli occhi

15. Greta Thunberg - Lo stomaco